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PDF Link Generator + WP 1.5
DOWNLOAD (freeware, 946k, NO SPYWARE)

Generate HTML or Wordpress link code from lists of PDF files automatically!

PDF Link Generator + WP will allow you to generate the HTML or Wordpress-compatible code for a bulleted list from a list of PDF Files that you select. You upload the PDF files to your web site using a program such as FileZilla. Then generate the code, copy to the clipboard and paste into your favourite HTML Editor, or into a Wordpress page/post/widget!

This now generates code compatible with the Google DocView Link WordPress plugin from

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*Box Code Generator 1.5 - Text OR Thumbnail Image Links!

*Box Code Generator (freeware)

I wrote this because I was making a lot of photo galleries for use with the SlimBox and LightBox JS gallery scripts (and probably other LightBox variants), and needed an easy way to generate the code after I created thumbnails.

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DOWNLOAD (freeware, 1061Kb, NO SPYWARE or other junk)

Changes: 22nd February 2014

*Removed right-click ability (not required)

*You can now use filenames (minus extension) as the link text instead of thumbnails
*Box Code Generator on Annesoft
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Generating standard HTML

Generating Wordpress-compatible HTML (for Google DocView Link WordPress plugin from

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